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Bed bugs

  1. Bedbugs are different from fleas. Our team can assist you for both.
  2. Bed bugs are night insects, they’re also very small, usually measuring between 4 and 8 mm. Their eggs are white and are almost impossible to see on most surfaces. The female bedbug, which can lay 2 eggs per day, has a rounded shape while the male bedbug has a more elongated body.
  3. It is important to know that their presence is not synonymous with uncleanliness. Generally, bedbugs appear after a move or a trip. So we are all at risk.
  4. Bedbugs feed on blood, and their bites can cause severe allergic reactions. They settle in mattresses and various pieces of furniture and then leave brown droppings in their path.
    Bedbug bites can be itchy in some people, but others cause no physical reaction. For the latter, an infestation can spread unnoticed over a longer period of time.


All about bed bugs

Our extermination treatments

  1. The first step essentially depends on you: as soon as you notice the presence of bedbugs, call professionals certified in bedbugs. The situation can get out of hand and become more costly if you allow these nocturnal insects to spread too much through your home.
  2. Our technicians will come to your home or business to perform an inspection and investigate any potential bed bug infestation site. We find the source of the problem and not only its symptoms.
  3. We recommend the best method of eliminating bedbugs for your property and use products that care about the environment and the health of your family and pets.
  4. We will put in place a prevention plan to help you prevent a future infestation.
    Our 6-month guarantee ensures that you will not have to pay any costs in the event that push pins invade your home again.

Our unique approach: No preparation required before treatments

  1. Unlike most of our competitors, we advocate a new proven approach: the “Low-Prep” treatment.
  2. This treatment requires no preparation on your part before our arrival (ex. vacuuming, washing your clothes beforehand or moving furniture).
  3. The approach is based on the notion that the preparation carried out by clients spreads bedbugs more quickly through your home and makes the situation more difficult to control. The “Low-Prep” treatment makes our task easier because the problem remains more concentrated, it increases the effectiveness of the treatments and simplifies life for owners and tenants.
  4. We should repeat it: as soon as you see a sign of bedbugs, call the certified professionals.

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