Crawling insects

Crawling insects

  1. In general, silverfish and millipedes are not dangerous to humans. They are also very useful for the ecosystem.
  2. However, they can multiply in your home and more practical solutions must be used to get rid of them. If so, our teams are there to offer you effective and sustainable solutions.



Types of crawling insects

Silverfish or lepisma saccharina

  • Silverfish is a nocturnal insect. It enters your home when you have too much humidity. Humidity can be the result of past water infiltration.
  • Silverfish also like warm places (ideally over 27 degrees Celsius). It attacks everything that contains starch, keratin, spices and vegetables.
  • It is therefore often found in the bathroom or kitchen, sometimes even in the bedroom.
  • If you find any, don’t be afraid. This crawling insect is in no way offensive: it does not sting or bite. Adjusting the humidity can be a very effective solution to repel them.
  • If there are too many of them and you would like to get rid of them, know that it is an insect that is difficult to catch, especially in partition walls. Our certified extermination specialists have professional methods to resolve the problem.


  • Centipede Contrary to popular belief, millipedes and centipedes are not insects: they are part of the class of diplopods.
  • Centipedes are fast & predatory arthropods. Centipedes have long antennae, unlike millipedes.
  • These arthropods still play an important role in the formation and aeration of the upper layer of the soil (mainly in forests).
  • Both centipedes and millipedes eat smaller organic matter and insects.


  • Centipedes have short, cut antennae, unlike centipedes.
  • Centipedes are slow, scavenger arthropods.
  • A large part of these animals live in tropical countries, but there are about sixty species in Quebec where they do not pose any danger to humans.
  • If you notice a large number of milipedes, it is recommended to call on our professional services. Our extermination professionals are able to find the impacted areas to remove centipedes and millipedes from your home.


  1. Our team has developed a unique approach to manage your problem as efficiently as possible. To ensure optimal results, we carry out, among other things, the inspection of the following places: attic, roof, garage, gutters as well as the exterior of your building.
  2. Regardless of the silverfish, centipedes or millipedes, our team takes the time to offer you recommendations as to the measures necessary to avoid the recurrence of these types of situations.

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