Preventive treatments

For your home or your business, be one step ahead with our efficient preventive solutions.

Preventive treatments

As the saying goes, « prevention is better than cure »:


Following an extermination or decontamination treatment, the Mission Extermination team will apply effective prevention methods to keep unwanted insects and rodents away from your home. 


However, for our commercial and industrial customers, we also recommend carrying out a preventive treatment. In the event that you had used extermination services the year before, your establishment unfortunately becomes more vulnerable to new invasions.



Preventive treatments allow your business or warehouse to create a protective barrier for a determined period of time and allows you to eliminate the problem at its source before there is even a chance that the invaders spread around. 


We use environmentally friendly products, such as sprays. 



The earlier in the year you start, the better the results. Don’t wait until the start of summer to consider it. Preventive treatments are effective and less expensive than extermination treatments.


We always recommend seeking the advice of a certified technician to avoid applying potentially harmful products to your family, employees or pets.

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