The rodents


  1. At Mission Extermination, we are concerned with preserving our ecosystem. We capture all types of wild animals and relocate them to their most natural habitat.
  2. We do exterminate rats and mice. These small rodents are carriers of serious diseases and can reproduce at an astonishing rate. Under ideal conditions, two rats or two mice (and their offspring) can produce between 50 and 5 million babies in just 1 year. Did you know: for every human being, there’s the equivalent of 2 rats living in the sewers of a city the size of Montreal.
  3. For all the rest of the rodents, Mission Extermination captures and relocates, among others, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, marmots and bats. We use specialized equipments depending on the animal to be captured, including cages with food inside and nets.
  4. Our technicians are trained to manage the capture of animals without cruelty or suffering. Our ultimate goal is to allow them to live in freely in the natural habitat … but away from you.


Types of rodents

Rats (mainly Norwegian rats)

  • In cities, rats live in the sewers. Their presence in a home usually signals a broken sewer or plumbing problems. They come out of the sewers only to find food. Their presence is not synonymous with uncleanliness. Rat feces, dangerous to health, is an indication of their presence.
  • Rats hide from humans and can go unnoticed for months before you realize they’re there. But if they feel threatened, they become aggressive. Avoid touching or getting bitten at all costs. Besides the transmission of diseases, they can also cause damage to buildings. If they are not effectively exterminated, they may die hidden inside your walls. Besides the smell of decay, they can invite a host of other parasites that will come to feast on them.
  • Restaurant owners, great victims of rat invasions, must be wary in this digital era since rats can tremendously damage their reputation.
  • For an effective approach from the first try, do business with technicians certified by the AQGP.

House mice

  • When cold weather is upon us, mice often sneak into heated buildings where there’s food. They eat everything we eat.
  • They carry with them very dangerous diseases.
  • Mice can cause fires since they eat away at electrical wires. They damage buildings by making holes in walls and ceilings.
  • If you hear scratching in your walls and ceilings, it’s time to call an exterminator.
  • When you don’t settle an infestation quickly, extermination becomes complex and requires more time (and usually it costs more).


  • In winter, squirrels look for a warm and inaccessible place to raise their young ones.
  • Certain signs of their presence in your roof or attic: scratching in the walls or ceilings, noise in the chimney or ventilation hatch.
  • Squirrels are cute, but they also carry diseases such as rabies and their excrements can cause health problems.
  • We capture squirrels with cages and other specialized tools by finding entry points. Our interventions are very gentle without any suffering for the squirrels. We relocate them away from you for your mutual comfort.
  • Following the capture, we decontaminate the air from their harmful odours. Decontamination ensures that other squirrels will not return in the future.


  • Raccoons may look cute, but beware: they are wild animals that can carry diseases such as rabies and scabies. These rodents also carry fleas, lice and ticks.
  • Signs of raccoon presence: scratches, cries or movement in the attic at night and noises in the fireplace or in the walls.
  • Raccoons live in the forest and in urban areas where they have access to garbage cans: a real treat for these rodents. They manage to make nests in the warm places of your home by climbing on walls and gutters.
  • If you see one or more raccoons prowling around your home, do not approach them. Call Mission Extermination specialists to relocate them to a natural habitat away from you.


  • Following hibernation, skunks seek food close to residential areas. In summer, they gravitate around your home to find all kinds of food. Skunks also eat mice and other rodents.
  • You know that you have skunks if you smell their distinguished smell, if your lawn is turned upside down and if you see holes under your shed or entry.
  • We do not advise you to catch a skunk by yourself or to approach its burrow since the risks are not worth it. Besides their “scented” secretions, skunks can carry rabies and leptospirosis.
  • Our technicians certified by the AQGP have the experience and knowledge required to ensure efficient and safe relocation. We capture and relocate skunks more than 25 kilometers from your home.


  • The groundhog hibernates for 5 to 6 months. It tries in autumn to secure its reserve for the winter by eating as much as possible.
  • Marmots live in fields or near forests. Herbivores, they also eat birds and insects.
  • They devour the gardens and make a burrow near your home by digging galleries in the ground.
  • Marmots are carriers of diseases such as rabies. They also carry parasites.
  • Mission Extermination uses effective marmot capture techniques to relocate them away from you.
  • Our specialized technicians use techniques without any suffering. They are equipped with catch cages, baits and nets.


  • Bats are nocturnal animals that navigate themselves through a system of emission of sound waves. They’re also the only flying mammal.
  • It is the leading source of rabies death in North America. However, it is a species that is protected since their population is in danger of being completely decimated.
  • Here are some signs of bats in your roof or attic: scratching in walls or ceilings, noises in the chimney or ventilation hatch.
  • Our technicians will find their nests and relocate the babies with the mother away from you and in their natural habitat, without suffering or cruelty.
  • Following their capture, we decontaminate the air to remove their harmful odours. Decontamination ensures that other bats will not come in the future.


  1. Our team has developed a unique approach to manage your problem as efficiently as possible. To ensure optimal results, we carry out the inspection of the following places: attic, roof, garage, gutters as well as the exterior of your building, to name a few.
  2. No matter if it is rats, mice or wild animals, our team takes the time to offer you recommendations on the measures necessary to avoid the recurrence of these types of situations.

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