Capture and relocation

Squirrels or raccoons? We help you capture them and we relocate them securely.

Capture & relocation

At Mission Extermination, we treat animals humanely:


Mission Extermination captures and relocates skunks, raccoons, bats and squirrels. 


Our team has developed a unique approach to manage your problem as efficiently as possible.



To ensure optimal results, we carry out, among other things, the inspection of the following spots: attic, roof, garage, gutters as well as the exterior of your building. 


We use specialized equipments depending on the animal that needs capturing, including cages with food and nets.



We care about the animals we capture. Our technicians are trained to handle these situations without cruelty or suffering. We then relocate the animals to their most natural habitat. The ultimate goal is to have them live in freedom but away from you. 


Our team takes the time to offer you recommendations on the measures necessary to avoid the recurrence of these types of situations.

Ecureuil Capture Squirrel
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