Other pests

Other pests

  1. The Mission Extermination team is certified and accredited by the AQGP (Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire). This allows us to resolve a variety of situations related to insects, rodents and other harmful parasites.
  2. With the presence of thousands of parasites in Quebec, our website features the most widespread species and the most difficult to treat. If you cannot find the parasite you would like to get rid of, be aware that there is still a good chance that we can still assist you. If you are unsure, call us at (514) 515-4040 and we will discuss your specific situation to guide you on the right path.



Other pests


  • It is often difficult to distinguish between fleas and bedbugs. Unlike bedbugs, fleas can jump. They also attack pets as opposed to bedbugs.
  • The bite of the flea is painful including irritation and itching. They spoil themselves on the blood of their host.
  • After each blood meal, female fleas lay 4 to 8 eggs (0.5 mm long).
  • The dehumidifier is an effective way to exterminate flea colonies.
  • Defend yourself against fleas, call extermination professionals to get rid of them.


  • Unlike butterflies, the mere presence of spiders at home can be very disturbing for our comfort and well-being standpoint.
  • Spiders only bite humans when they feel threatened, but they can still cause you allergic reactions if they do.
  • In September, spiders appear in greater numbers and try to find a warm home to spend the winter there. They feed on other insects which they intercept in their web.
  • Our technicians are used to exterminating spiders. They will put their training and years of experience at your disposal.

Beetle: Lycte – Anthrène

  • Beetles is an order of insects that forms the most diverse group of insects on the planet, with more than 300,000 known species, including 9,000 identified in Canada.
  • Ladybugs are beetles. However, we are not allowed to exterminate them since it is a protected species.
  • Each type of species provides advantages for our ecosystem. Having said that, some unfortunately ravage gardens.
  • Beetles are identified by their rigid forewings and their shells. They all have crushing mouthparts and a strong jaw.
  • They feed on a large number of foods ranging from plant matter to animal matter.
  • Regardless of the type of beetle, our team is accredited to make sure to evacuate them from your home.

Woodlice – Porcellions – Wood Bugs

  • Contrary to popular belief, woodlice are crustaceans and not insects. Some types of woodlice curl up to escape danger.
  • Woodlice are useful for gardens because they eat decaying plants.
  • When they enter the house, it is to find a warm and humid place. A dehumidifier can sometimes bring their invasion to a halt.
  • A significant infestation of woodlice is often a sign of the presence of a large colony near the building.
  • If you would like to get rid of them, our team of certified technicians will be able to eradicate them permanently.

Rice weevil

  • The rice weevil is a beetle in the same order as the ladybugs. It is easy to identify since it has 4 reddish spots and is no more than 3 mm in length.
  • This insect loves seeds, pasta, rice, cereals, flour and legumes. The female pierces the grain of rice to place her egg in it.
  • To exterminate them, they must face very high or very low temperatures. Never throw a bag of rice in the trash since you encourage their multiplication.
  • To solve the problem, once and for all, trust the expertise of our certified extermination technicians.

Earwigs – forficule

  • With an elongated shape, the forificule is a nocturnal insect with a size of 8 mm to 2.5 cm fitted with a kind of forceps for grinding. It is protected by a hard exoskeleton.
  • The earwig is not dangerous to our health. Its invasion does not cause damage or illness.
  • However, it can be a big nuisance for your flowers and other plantings.
  • In Quebec, it makes its appearance in July and remains active until October. Most males do not survive winters, even when they are indoors.
  • For some people, the earwig presents psychological discomfort since it crawls and climbs the walls. The 6-month guarantee of our professional extermination services ensures your well-being and comfort. Do not hesitate to call us in the event of an invasion.


  1. The presence of thousands of insects and parasites makes the task of identifying species difficult for untrained eyes. If you notice the presence of parasites but you are not sure of their type, it is absolutely normal. Contact us and we will be happy to help you determine their species.
  2. Mission Extermination holds all the accreditations and certifications necessary to manage the majority of cases of unwanted invasions. Our professionalism and attention to detail guarantees our results.
  3. Our 100 % satisfaction warranty also testifies to the confidence we have in our services. If in any case, the problem persists within the first 6 months following our intervention, we will be happy to return to the site, at our expense, to rectify the situation.

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